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Education is prized highly in the destinations we work in. In most cases the ability to speak just a little English means access to better jobs and better opportunities. Often, local teachers are excellent at teaching grammar and literature, probably better than most 'native' English speakers. However, many of these teachers have asked us to send people to help teach the spoken word. For those whom English is not their first language, getting the hang of the phonetics, how you pronounce the letters and words, is not something they can teach easily and so this is something they need some help with. Therefore, you don't have to be a qualified teacher to help. A good command of spoken English is all you need.

In some of our destinations English is already widely spoken, Ghana and India for example. Spoken English is still valuable but here you can also get involved with helping to teach maths, science, sport, geography, etc. We would be very keen to know subjects you studied for a-levels, highers, IB or degree and if you would be interested in teaching them. We often have requests for people to help with music, drama, art and sports as these subjects are very often neglected.

Note all projects working with children require a background check. This is an extra cost of about £10 but we will make the necessary arrangements. Parking tickets, speeding fines, and some criminal convictions will not prevent you from joining us; we simply check if you have any prior convictions relating to harming children.

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Teaching in India
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Teaching conversational english in Ghana
Teaching conversational english in India
teaching conversational english in China
Teaching conversational english in Mexico
Teaching conversational english in Tanzania
Teaching conversational english in Cambodia
Teaching conversational english in Romania