You will rarely find press in Africa as lively as the media in Ghana. Ghana has a population of about 20 million people and yet boasts numerous radio shows, TV stations and newspapers. Most of the media is produced in English as this is officially the national language of Ghana so this means that there are no requirements for language skills as with some of our other media projects.

We have opportunities for you to spend time gaining experience in either print or broadcast media, possibly both. If you are interested in broadcast media, such as radio or TV work, you will be based in Cape Coast or Takoradi. You can work at a TV or radio station as a broadcast journalist, or as part of the production team as a broadcast assistant, sound engineer or camera operator. Very limited opportunities also exist in presenting either behind a microphone or in front of a camera!

Most of the TV and radio stations are independent and are renowned for their energetic phone ins during which no subject is taboo, from the current political issues of the day, through religion to the performance of the local and national football teams (another religion in Ghana). They also cover a wide range of international, regional and local topics. You could be covering the visit of an international dignitary one day and a local music festival the next.

If you have not yet decided where your interests lie, you can spend some time in print, radio and TV in Cape Coast. The local newspaper is published twice a week which makes this placement easily combined with work on our TV or radio projects.

If you are interested solely in print media, you will be based in Accra, Ghana’s capital city. You will spend your time working alongside Ghana’s writers learning about how to write a feature, the secrets of interviewing and much more. You will spend time on assignment with your Ghanaian partner co-researching and co-writing features or news reports, submitting them before the crucial deadline. Your partner will work with you to ensure that you have an understanding of the tools you will need – page layout software etc, as well as give you an understanding of the rules and regulations journalists in Ghana must stick to.

We’ll ask for a CV and some examples of your work when you join us. We’ll also ask you what experience you hope to gain from this programme. From this, your project supervisor will be able to design a programme that is tailored to your interests and that is designed to challenge you.

In short, these projects are not about just making the coffee! If you are good enough, you could find yourself published or on air, imagine having that kind of experience in your portfolio rather than some time spent on your local rag!

You choose your start date but spaces throughout the year are limited so reserve your space now.

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