HIV Project India

The subject of sexual health and HIV / AIDS is one that is rarely discussed openly or in public in India, where attitudes to sex are very different to our own. However, India has now identified that the nation’s sexual health, and HIV / AIDS in particular, are issues that need to be urgently addressed.

You will work with a local organisation that is conducting essential research into sexual health issues in India and developing strategies to help combat the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Your work will include working with high risk groups, such as sex workers and gay men (officially termed ‘men who have sex with men’ in India), to analyse the issues affecting their health. This may include social attitudes to sex workers or the availability of condoms. You will then work with these groups to identify lifestyle changes they can make that will reduce their exposure to infection.

Part of the placement will also include working with school and youth groups to increase awareness of sexual health issues and promote safer sex practises.

This is unique programme and one which will give you a deeper understanding of the issues relating to sexual health in India. It is important that you approach this project with sensitivity and understanding. The aim of this programme is to increase awareness and promote better sexual health amongst people who may never have been given such information before.

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