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Ghana Orphanage Projects

Our orphanage projects in Ghana are based in Cape Coast and villages in the surrounding areas. You can help in homes for Children aged 1-5 or orphanages that look after children aged 6-18.

If you would like to work with younger children, you will be based at a children’s home in Wawase-Twifo Aramakwamoano, which is about an hour away from our centre in Cape Coast.

The principal, Micheal Sikansuo, founded the orphanage in 2006 with four children. Since then the orphanage has grown and he, and his dedicated staff, are now responsible for 55 children.

The orphanage would like to take on more children, and there are many more children in need, but the orphanage is severely limited in the number of children it can look after by its lack of suitable accommodation. Currently the orphanage only has four rooms, two for the staff and two for the children.

There are only two teachers who look after the 55 children so you can appreciate why they need help. Most of the children are aged 1-5 years old so your daily tasks will include:

  • Bathing and getting the children ready for school
  • Helping to teach the children English
  • Helping with play sessions
  • Putting the children down for their naps
  • Helping with meal times
  • Arts and crafts with the children
  • School trips and weekend visits

The building is in a bad state of disrepair and is desperate need of external funding. The facilities for the children are very basic and any donation of toys, puzzles, books crayons etc. will be appreciated.

Working hours will be from 8 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday.

Those interested in working with older children, or those combining an orphanage project with one of our work experience project will be working at a children’s home on the outskirts of Cape Coast.

Many of the children in the orphanage are from the rural agricultural communities around Cape Coast and Takoradi. HIV and AIDS have had an impact on the area but so have economic conditions. Many of the farming families exist on a subsistence basis, trading what surplus they have in local markets. However, some are having difficulty supporting their children and so send them to orphanages so that they can be educated.

The orphanage will has between 50 and 60 little ones to care for but only a handful of dedicated staff. This means that the staff don’t always have time to spend time with, or pay attention to, individual children. This is something that you can help with very easily. This may involve playing games, sports and helping them develop interests. You might start an art club, get them interested in nature, put on a play or simply run around chasing a ball.

The older children will go to school during the day so you will be busiest after school. During the day, you will be looking after the younger ones. In the afternoons, the older children come home from school so you will be helping with their homework and organising after school activities. At the end of July the children have school holidays so they'd like some help during the day to run a summer programme of activities.

This could include taking them to the beach or getting involved teaching them sports or drama.

Your role will include:

  • Organising after school clubs and activities
  • Helping the children with homework
  • Taking the children on trips to the beach or nearby national parks
  • Helping with the younger children during the day

Working hours will be from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Note all projects working with children require a background check. This is an extra cost of about £10 but we will make the necessary arrangements. Parking tickets, speeding fines, and some criminal convictions will not prevent you from joining us; we simply check if you have any prior convictions relating to harming children.

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