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Weekends and spare time in Mexico

The cost of the programme in Mexico includes Spanish Lessons. These will usually be conducted in the evenings. The lessons are basic and are designed for those with little or no Spanish. Those with good Spanish already can elect to skip these lessons.

Weekends are free which means that you can easily get together with other volunteers and go travelling at weekends.

If you are lucky enough to be based in the beautiful old towns of Guadalajara or Guanajuato you wont have far to travel to experience Mexico’s colonial history.

Guadalajara is famed throughout the world as Mexico's most Mexican of cities! It is home to Mariachi music, Sombreros and the nearby town of Tequila and it’s most famous world export! Guadalajara is also Mexico’s second city but it’s much more relaxed than the nation’s capital. The city’s colonial past is evident in the stunning Spanish architecture scattered throughout the city, it’s future evident in the juxtaposition of more contemporary designs.

Puerto Vallarta is located in the stunning Banderas Bay. Hundreds of tourists flock to the region each year for its golden beaches and lush green tropical forests. This means that there’s plenty to do in the region itself. Alternatively, there are lots of hidden beaches so if you just want to get away from it and chill, a relaxing beach is never too far away.

Puerto Vallarta is also home to some stunning restaurants and bars. The nightlife in PV is second to none, especially during the spring break season when the area is inundated with American college students. Feel free to enjoy (at the weekends only please!) but watch your budget as many of these places charge tourist prices.

You will find a number of excellent authentic ‘local’ restaurants and bars that don’t stretch the budget quite so much – but they tend to be a little bit off the beaten track.

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