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Weekends in Cambodia

The cost of the programme in Cambodia includes language lessons. Language is an integral part of Cambodian culture so learning a bit about the language will give you more of an insight into the Cambodian way of life.

Weekends are free and volunteers are usually based in the same area which means that you can easily go travelling at weekends.

In Phnom Penh most of the major sights are fairly central. Most can be visited by foot and are nearly located along the beautiful riverfront.

Standing on the site of the former citadel, the striking Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda rivals most palaces found in Asia. This is a must see for any visitor to Phnom Penh.

A slight distance away is the National Museum, home to a rare species of bats in it's roof. Visit the museum at dusk to witness a spectacular fly past by the bats, but sadly you have to avoid their droppings when looking at the exhibits in the Museum!

Tuol Sleng Museum is a chilling testament to the barbarity of the Khmer Rouge and is a vital trip to understand this dark page in the history of Cambodia. The museum houses exhibits and chilling photographs of the many prisoners who passed through the building when it was known as Security Prison 21 (S-21), a converted school taken over by Pol Pot's security Forces.

Also within easy reach for weekend adventures is Kampot. Kampot is a relaxed riverside town which is famous it's stunning location. The adventurous amongst you can explore the caves and pagodas in the forests while the rest chill out and take in the view.
Travel further to the Elephant Mountains of Bokor National Park via the abandoned hill station in the dense Cambodian Jungle.

No visit to Cambodia would be complete without a visit to the stunning Temples of Angkor at Siem Reap. The magnificent temple at Angkor Wat, thought to have been a temple dedicated to a former king, was given to Buddhist monks, who still care for it to this day, and it is the deep Buddhist culture of Cambodia that attracts many to this land.

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